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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture and Merchant Services Provide Transaction Options

Merchant Services and Remote Deposit Capture from Frandsen Bank & Trust help your business become more customer-friendly and efficient. Accept credit/debit card transactions and process checks without visiting the bank.

Products You Need: Give customers the electronic payment options they want.

Services You Expect: Find the right merchant program for your business.

Convenience You Deserve: Use the latest technologies to become more efficient.

Remote Deposit Capture - watch a short presentation.

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to safely and easily deposit checks, right from YOUR office - whenever it is convenient for you.  Yes, Remote Deposit Capture eliminates trips to the bank, but more importantly:

  • Your funds are available several days earlier than they would be with traditional deposits.
  • You'll receive notification more quickly on bounced checks, fraudulent checks, or checks returned NSF.
  • Copies of all checks deposited are archived electronically (no more calls to the bank for research requests).
  • Deposited checks are virtually endorsed.

Simply scan your customer checks with a Remote Deposit Capture scanner, which you lease from us, and securely transmit the images via the Internet to the bank.  The deposits are made as soon as we receive the images.

Remote Deposit Capture is more secure than mailing or transporting deposits.  In fact, Remote Deposit Capture is similar to the technology used by Frandsen Bank & Trust to submit deposits to the Federal Reserve Bank.

It's easy to get started with Remote Deposit Capture:

  • You'll need a personal computer, an Internet connection, a check scanner, and a printer.
  • You must have an active business checking account with Frandsen Bank & Trust.
  • We'll review the volume of checks you process daily so we can provide you with the correct scanner and your computer to ensure it meets system requirements.
  • Our implementation team will set up your scanner and install the Remote Deposit Capture software on your computer.
  • Comprehensive web-based training on how to use the equipment and software is available for your staff, and we'll guide you through your first transactions so your business makes a smooth transaction.
  • Our toll-free help line offers free technical support to our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn more, watch a short presentation.

Contact a business banker today to see if Remote Deposit Capture is right for your business.

Merchant Services

Accept MasterCard and VISA® transactions and receive competitive pricing. Frandsen Bank & Trust has merchant programs for all types and sizes of businesses. We’ll guide you through the process, provide technology assistance and ensure the program meets your needs. To learn more, contact us.