"I can't thank Kevin and his staff for their incredible customer service and commitment to our business! Before COVID I ran all of my business banking through a national bank.  When COVID hit, my banker was "unavailable" and their PPP funding was all used up.  I sent Frandsen an email and within days we had our PPP paperwork filed.  Kevin and his team literally saved our business. I'm grateful to be running my business through Frandsen Bank and their team!"

Great Lakes Academy
"Working with Joslyn Manske on the purchase of my first home was an absolute joy! She did everything to make the home buy process fun and exciting. She did a great job of keeping me in the loop and answering any questions that I had. If you are looking for a mortgage lender, I could not recommend working with Joslyn at Frandsen Bank enough!" 

"The big banks we have worked with for years told us they could not help us yet, even suggesting that we find somewhere else to do business. When we called Frandsen, they sprang into action to help us apply for the emergency funding we needed to take care of our employees at a perilous time! They treated us like family and worked tirelessly to get our application through even though they had never met us! As a family owned childcare company that has taken care of children and families for over thirty years, we have seldom seen anyone have such passion to help us continue to do what we do for others! Thank you, Frandsen, for helping us save our schools for all the staff and little ones that count on us! We want others to know that they can count on YOU!" 

Maria and Scott, The Cradle Club.

"Saw the news last night that funding has been exhausted for PPP. Whether we got in under the gun or not for our loan thank you for all you did. I always have people who call me for advice on many things. Frandsen Bank and Marilee Jager will be the first on my list for people with banking needs. Thank you, Frandsen Bank, for treating and respecting small businesses like Gold. It means the world to us.”

Teresa at Marco Co. Inc.


"I moved all my accounts for my business and personal banking over to Frandsen because of their excellent customer service. They have always been responsive and more like a neighbor investing in you than a bank just wanting your money. At Frandsen, you work with people not protocols."

Jeff, The Metal Roof Co.

"I just wanted to share with you my great customer experience, with your team of mortgage bankers. My wife and I recently refinanced our mortgage with Frandsen Bank. Unfortunately, we stopped our old mortgage payment too late. I was a little concerned about making an additional mortgage payment, so I reached out to Jon, asking for help. He responded immediately, found the extra payment, issued an official bank check, and then took the time to deliver the check to our house. I was impressed with how quickly Jon was able to fix the problem. Keep up the good work!"

Jay & Vonnette 

“You are the epitome of outstanding Customer Service. I cannot recall the last time I talked to someone so pleasant and helpful over the phone, and the personalized email follow up was a really nice touch.”