Quickbooks Account Access

Frandsen Bank & Trust makes it easy to manage your finances with export formats compatible with current versions of Intuit Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online.

Intuit Quickbooks for Desktop (installed on user's computer)
  • Business Online Accounts only
  • Manual File Export Required
  • Current and Previous month available in Business Online Transaction menu
  • 24 months available in Business Online “All Transactions” menu

Intuit Quickbooks Online (accessible on the internet – nothing installed on the user’s computer)
  • Business Online and Personal Online Accounts
  • Automatic import from Online Banking
  • Current and Previous month available from Personal Online
  • 24 months available from Business Online via “All Transactions” menu quicken

Business Online Banking customers have two options when it comes to how they access Quickbooks with one of the options being limited in capability. If you have installed Quickbooks for the desktop (Windows or Mac) you will be prompted to add accounts through the “Bank Feed” section of the software. You will need to search for “Frandsen” which will then display “Frandsen Bank & Trust – Business” which you will need to choose as your bank site. You will then see instructions for how to import their data.  Quickbooks for the desktop requires that you sign into Business Online, browse to your transactions, search for transactions, and then export in the QBO (Quickbooks) format.  Once you have exported and saved the file to your PC, you can double-click the export file and it will be imported to Quickbooks.  

Quickbooks Online is able to access both Business Online Banking transactions and does so through a wizard. Sign into Quickbooks Online and search for Frandsen Bank & Trust - Business.  You will be prompted to enter your Business Online Banking credentials. Quickbooks online automatically pulls in the current and previous cycle from Business Online Banking without the need to export and import a file.  

Both Quickbooks for the Desktop and Quickbooks Online are able to import files from our Business Online Banking and you are able to go back 24 months in our Transaction Archive system through the “All Transactions/Archive” interface. This allows you to pull all of the previous year’s transactions into Quickbooks for accounting. We highly recommend you consider switching to Quickbooks Online if you are using Quickbooks for the Desktop as it provides the same, familiar accounting capabilities but a far more robust transaction integration system. Quickbooks Online is available at www.quickbooks.com.