Debit Cards

  • Fraud Protection
  • Control Spending
  • Review Balances & Spending
  • Business Use


CardValet® is a mobile app that lets you protect your Frandsen business debit card against fraud and theft by receiving real-time alerts to ensure your card is used only by you.
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  • Receive real-time alerts that keep you informed when your cards are used
  • Establish controls for dollar amount limits, geographic locations, and more
  • Manage your cards and prevent unauthorized use by turning them "off" when not it use or if you think they're lost or stolen, and turn them back "on" when ready to use
  • Businesses can set transaction controls to safeguard employee spending
  • Check account balances or review recent card transactions
  • Many other features
Download the CardValet® app today to begin safeguarding your check card!