Card Protect

Introducing Frandsen Card Protect: Your Cards on Your Terms.

Card Protect lets you protect your Frandsen debit card against fraud and theft from within our Mobiliti app. It ensures your card is used only by you. 

Frandsen Card Protect allows you to turn your debit card on or off, anytime. When it’s off, no one can use your card. Turn it back on when you’re ready to use it.

  • Helps safeguard your cards from fraud
  • Allows you to define areas where your card can be used
  • Allows you to limit purchases by the type of merchant
  • Allows you to set limits on the transactions dollar amount

Instantly change your settings, giving you complete control over your debit card.

To download Frandsen Card Protect, simply login to the Frandsen Bank Mobiliti App and select the “My Cards” quicklink on your Accounts page and then follow the prompts.
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