Mobiliti (Mobile Banking)

Frandsen Bank's mobile banking solution, Frandsen MobilitiTM*, is the easiest and most secure way to manage your finances from your smart phone. It's just another way we make it easy for you to do all your banking - when and where it's convenient for you.

With Mobiliti, use your smart phone to:

  • Instantly check account balances with Instant Balance
  • Make deposits
  • Check cleared transactions
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Pay bills

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablets. Download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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How To Endorse a Check for Mobile Deposit

  1. Write or stamp only within the endorsement area provided on the back of the check. Do not write or stamp outside of this area.
  2. Use an endorsement stamp, dark blue or black pen. Do not use pencil.
  3. On the first line, write “For Mobile Deposit Only,” or check the box for mobile deposit if printed on the check.
  4. On the second line, write “Frandsen Bank & Trust.”
  5. On the third line, sign your name exactly as it appears on the front of the check. If your name is spelled incorrectly on the front, sign it as it appears and then sign it correctly underneath.
  6. When using an endorsement stamp, follow steps 1–3.
Image of Checks

How to Deposit a Check Using Mobile Deposit

  1. Endorse the check, following the guidelines shown above.
  2. Log in to the Frandsen Mobiliti App.
  3. Select Deposit, and then Deposit Check.
  4. Select the account you want to make a deposit to and enter the dollar amount of the check.
  5. Select Take Photos. Position your phone over the Front of the check until the entire check appears within the frame. Click the camera button on the right-hand side of the screen to take a picture.
  6. If your check image is clear, readable and entirely within the frame, select Use. If the image is not readable or incomplete, select Retake and try again.
  7. Flip your check over to the endorsement side. Follow the same procedure to capture the Back of the check.
  8. Select Edit to retake an image or change the amount of the deposit, or Make Deposit to complete the deposit.
Deposit a Check on Mobile

Mobile Deposit

Use our Mobile Deposit app to deposit a check into your account without having to go to one of our office's or ATM's. Simply take a picture of the front and back of the check and click "submit." It's that easy, and it's secure.

Click to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

What to Do With Paper Checks After Mobile Deposit

Keep the check for 30 days after depositing, then destroy it. Do not throw the check in the trash.

* Message and data rates may apply.

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